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A thought to ponder


  Radio is about 138 years old.  From the 1st tinkering and transatlantic transmission we have come a long way.  Amateur radio has been from the beginning, since there were no standards prior.  Hams created, developed, trained, and endured periods of downright deplorable treatment.  Yet we have prevailed, not without a fight.  Hams can talk, rag chew, contest, use digital, CW, video, am, FM and SSB.  We can bounce signals off the moon and meteor scatter to communicate with others 1000’s of miles away.  What’s all the fuss since any cell phone can call anywhere in the world.  You pay for the cell phone then you pay for the service.  Don’t forget a cell phone is a radio and digital platform.  Ham radio is free to use, in fact it’s against the law to profit from its use.  No other radio service has that limitation.  Ham radio is the only service that is allowed to build, modify and repair its own equipment.  At the end of the day using a cell phone is the easiest way to talk.  But if your go back 138 years and know the history of radio, it becomes a nostalgic, practical and exciting way to talk.  We never know who will answer our CQ at home, in the car, on the boat, in the airplane and from the highest mountain top.  Today the ARRL our national voice fights to keep our precious frequency allotments. We don’t pay for our spectrum as does the commercial operators.  We need to show usage and value for what we do.  Days of God given rights are long gone.  Today we litigate rights, tomorrow, well anyone can read the trends, the future is unpredictable.  So, join the ranks of the ARRL, get on the air and use the equipment you have.  Build a new antenna for a band you do not or have not every worked.   Most importantly, show the great hobby in a positive light.  73, KG8CW.





Christmas 2022 was well attended.


  The food was good, and the camaraderie was great.  The weather was cool, but snow was not an issue this year.  Help was asked for to sell our wares during the Cherryland Swap fest this February.  Happy New Year to all. 





Cherryland Ham Fest 2023






Hamfest 2023 in February.  Volunteer to Head the swap in 2024.  Let Mike KG8CW know.



Benzie Rotary Sunrise Bike Ride 2023








2 0 2 3  Area  Ham Fests



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Feb   11   Cherryland Ham fest 

May 07             Cadillac  ARC 

May 19-21       Xenia Hamvention

Sep                   Finlay Ham fest

Sep 17             Adrian ARC  

Nov                  Fort Wayne